Transnational Project Meeting #3


The 3rd Transnational Project Meeting of the ID-GAMING Project was held on 25 and 26/11/2021 in Forlì (Italy).

All partners traveled to Italy for this face-to-face meeting except the partners from Greece that could not travel due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

The hosts CSS FORLÌ organized the meeting in a safe and comfortable atmosphere with state-of-the-art videoconference equipment that enabled all participants to follow and contribute to the all the discussions.

In this meeting, the partners from Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain focused the majority of the time in Intellectual Output #1 (Quality of Life Training Game) presenting, discussing and reaching agreements on the Design of the Quality of Life Training Game.

After the initial presentation, partners organized a practical session with a prototype of the baseline version of the tabletop board game.

After experiencing the game in the perspective of the players, partners had a fruitful discussion to finetune and agree on the main game characteristics.

Partners also discussed the activities of Intellectual Output #2 (Training Toolkit), namely the construction of Training Materials and the development of ICT Serious Games Catalogue.

During the meeting partners participated in an online workshop to improve their knowledge about the guidelines to produce easy-to-read content.

Another part of the meeting was used to discuss the activities of Intellectual Output #3 (e-Training Tool), namely the Web-Based QoL Game version and the Online Catalog of the Training Toolkit resources.

After the intense days of work, partners still had energy to explore the local gastronomy and to learn a little bit about the Italian culture.

Before the next Transnational Project Meeting partners will share the current game prototype with their users to gather feedback and introduce small adjustments and improvements to the game design.

The next Transnational Project Meeting is scheduled to take place in Greece, in March 2022.

Project Coordination:
C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra,
Av. 25 de Abril, n.º 190, Mira Sintra, 2735-418 Cacém
+351 219 188 560