C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra – Centro de Educação para o Cidadão com Deficiência, C.R.L. (CECD Mira Sintra, Portugal)  is a Cooperative for Social Solidarity, a nonprofit organization and was recognized by the Government as an organization of Public Utility. It was founded in 1976 by parents and professionals and since the beginning; the knowledge and experience of all are present in the management of our Cooperative. At the present, provides services for more than 2.000 people, since children, youth and adults who need specialized support, due problems in their development and/or deficits in academic, work or social performance. The Organization has several Services, in different spaces in the community, with specific programs and multidisciplinary teams, adapted to the needs and characteristics of population addressed.

The Aristotle University of Thessaloniki is the largest University in Greece. The Lab of Medical Physics, ISO 9001:2015 Certified in Software Design, Development & Production; Design & Implementation of Education/Training programmes, is a major research and development centre in assistive technologies, applied neurosciences, medical education, affective computing, semantic web, medical robotics and brain computer interfaces, radiodiagnosis and non-ionizing radiation. The ASsistiveTechnOlogies and Silver Science Group within the Lab of Medical Physics has received major research and development focus in the field of Ambient Assisted Living and Biomedical Engineering or what is now called Active and Healthy Aging as well as technologies for Assisted Living for special target groups. The group focuses on exploring shifting paradigms in elderly healthcare as well as care for developmental disorders and the different innovations and breakthroughs brought about by information communication technologies (ICT), mobile technologies and web technologies in general.

Instituto de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores, Investigação e Desenvolvimento em Lisboa (INESC-ID, Portugal) is a not for profit, privately owned institution of public interest, dedicated to advanced research and development in the domains of electronics, telecommunications and information technologies. Researchers at INESC-ID are in their vast majority university staff and graduate students. INESC-ID initiated activity in the year 2000 as a result of a reorganization of INESC. The principal objectives of INESC-ID are to conduct cutting-edge research in the fields of information technology and to transfer technology to the industry by means of R&D contracts and training courses.

Consorzio Solidarietà Sociale Forlì-Cesena (CSS Forlì, Italy) was set up in 1985 from a group of associations, social cooperatives and individuals who wanted to have a co-ordinating point for their social interventions in the local territory. Since then, Consorzio has supported the creation of new social cooperatives, has activated new services necessary to develop the activities of its members and has contributed to the improvement of the local community.

Coordinadora de recursos de atención a personas con diversidad funcional intelectual (COPAVA, Spain) is a Non-Profit Organisation that brings together a variety of entities working in the intellectual disability sector with different realities, experiences, knowledge, skills and circumstances, being this element of diversity which in turn leads to greater wealth in the set, which aims to set common and primordial goals, providing a quality service that results in improved quality of life for users and their families, without however, neglect the search for improved conditions of quality of working life of professionals in each and every one of the entities it represents.

Associazione Italiana per l’Assistenza agli Spastici (AIAS, Italy) is an independent member driven Association (NGO) of persons with disabilities, their family members and friends. We support children and adults with disabilities and their families in overcoming disabling barriers and in reaching their full potential and fulfilled lives. Our vision is an inclusive society where all people that wish, independently of their condition, can participate on equal foot with others in all realms of life.

Project Coordination:
C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra,
Av. 25 de Abril, n.º 190, Mira Sintra, 2735-418 Cacém
+351 219 188 560