Intellectual Outputs

I.O.1 - Quality of Life Training Game

A Serious Game called Quality of Life Training Game (QoLTG) will be designed. The main purpose of this Collaborative Serious Game is to facilitate Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PwID) the improvement of their cognitive functions and quality of life while playing this game.

Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (PwID) will participate in the design of the QoLG. Several Working Sessions will be organized with PwID, where, through the application of proper “Participatory Design” methodologies, they will contribute to the specification and development of the QoLTG adapting it to their real needs and expectations.The QoLTG will include the design of a board with different boxes and cards explaining the meaning and what to do in each box. In each box, a training group will perform an activity, depending on the information and instructions given in the card. Three categories of boxes and cards will be developed: Quality of Life, Cognitive and Special boxes and cards.

The QoLTG will combine playful and pedagogical intentions, like teaching problem solving, critical thinking, teamwork and other social skills, sense of purpose by being part of something bigger, providing motivation to succeed and preparing for real-life collaborative work.

This will increase the engagement of trainees who will go through different phases of a narrative adapted to the Intellectual Disability Sector, and rules through which the groups of trainees will have to pass different quality of life and cognitive stages where different challenges will be included in each of the stages.

I.O.2 - Training Toolkit

A Training Toolkit will be developed including 3 Blocks:

Block 1- Methodological Guidelines: Guidelines on how to play the Quality of Life Game (I.O.1) with training purposes

Block 2- Training Materials: A set of Adapted Training Materials will be developed specifically to create awareness and increase knowledge about the potential of ICT-Serious Games for training cognitive functions and increasing Quality of Life. To be used as supporting materials in parallel and/or along the implementation of the Quality of Life Training Game (I.O.1)

Block 3- ICT Serious Games Catalogue: A set of Training Materials will be developed organized per Cognitive Functions (1. Language, 2. Calculus & Problem Solving; 3. Memory & Attention to Detail; 4. Spatial Orientation; 5. Social& Emotional Wellbeing) including 3 to 5 selected existing ICT Serious Games per cognitive function. To be used along the implementation of the Quality of Life Training Game (I.O.1)

They will be adapted to the specific needs, capacities and learning difficulties of the different collectives involved in the Target Group (PwID and Supports).

I.O.3 - ID-GAMING e-Training Tool

The ID-GAMING e-Training Tool will be developed including a Web Based Game for playing the Quality of Life Training Game developed in I.O.1, with the supervision of trainers and supports or by themselves. Web-based Game will have the next approach:

  • Trainers and trainees will access to the Web-Based Game and will find the online Board of the Quality of Life Training Game. An automatic and random dice will be thrown and will move the player to a specific box
  • By clicking or falling in the box, the player will be directly linked to the corresponding information:

Quality of Life Boxes: related to Quality of Life dimensions. Activities related to the specific QoL dimensions will be opened and corresponding Training Materials developed in I.O.2 will be linked.

Cognitive Functions Boxes: related to the ICT-Serious Games collected in the I.O.2 The ICT-SERIOUS GAMES collected will be automatically linked and the trainees will play them.

Special Boxes/Cards: Showing the instruction (choose the next box as you like, move forward or go backwards).

In addition, ID-GAMING e-Training Tool will allow access to the Training Toolkit for those persons that are not directly playing QoLTG but are interested in playing ICT-SG with learning purposes. This access will be done through a search engine that will allow access to Training Toolkit’s Materials through key questions.

4 Multiplier Events (Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece) will be implemented on the application of ICT Serious Games to PwID for improving cognitive functions, and therefore, their Quality of Life involving stakeholders who will multiply the impact of the project

Dissemination Actions will be implemented targeting the sector of Intellectual Disability at national and European level as well as experts in the field of Serious Games.

Project Coordination:
C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra,
Av. 25 de Abril, n.º 190, Mira Sintra, 2735-418 Cacém
+351 219 188 560