Co-Design Working Sessions - March to May 2021​


During March, April and May 2021, the ID-GAMING partners organized and implemented several Co-Creation Working Sessions in their countries (Portugal, Greece, Italy and Spain).

In these Co-Creation Working Sessions, 89 Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, 5 family members and 46 professionals shared preferences, ideas and opinions that contributed to the development of the Quality of Life Training Game specifications in what concerns:

  • Narrative and storytelling;
  • Different challenges related to the Quality of Life dimensions;
  • Serious games per cognitive function;
  • Generic rules and need of support along the playing experience;
  • Physical supporting elements (board, cards, dices and all the other pieces needed for the game).

Some of the Working Sessions had to be done online due to the COVID-19 pandemic but many of them were done in face to face sessions with all the necessary safety precautions.

The main findings and conclusions of the Co-Creation Working Sessions were registered in a Final Report that was presented in the 2nd Transnational Project Meeting held online on 18/06/2021.

Project Coordination:
C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra,
Av. 25 de Abril, n.º 190, Mira Sintra, 2735-418 Cacém
+351 219 188 560