About the Project:

The main objective ID-GAMING is to increase the competences of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and related Professionals and Relatives in the implementation of ICT Serious Games for improving cognitive functions, and therefore, their QoL. Specific objectives of ID GAMING are:

• To increase the awareness of this target group regarding the relevance of ICT-SG;
• To select and collect proper ICT-SG for better training the cognitive functions of PwID according to the specific needs and capacities;
• To transfer knowledge, guidelines and procedures on how to use ICT-SG to produce specific aimed outcomes in terms of cognitive functions and Quality of Life;
• To develop and improve Digital Skills of PwID.

Please find Project Leaflet here.


15 million people live with an intellectual disability in the European Union.

People need support to:

  • be included in the community
  • gain autonomy
  • experience Quality of Life

The way people are supported may not be what they need.

The use of ICT-Serious Games can be a better way to support and train

Most persons with intellectual disabilities like to play ICT-Serious Games


Training helps to:

  • better understand information
  • learn and use new skills
  • better adapt behaviours
  • have more Quality of Life

ID-GAMING will help Persons with intellectual disabilities, professionals and relatives to better use ICT- Serious Games.

This will improve the way people are able to think. They will have more Quality of Life.


ID GAMING Quality of Life Training Game

Training Toolkit with different ICT-Serious Games to help:

  • memory and learning
  • thinking
  • expression

ID GAMING e-Training Tool

Multiplier Events in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece

Project Coordination:
C.E.C.D. Mira Sintra,
Av. 25 de Abril, n.º 190, Mira Sintra, 2735-418 Cacém
+351 219 188 560